International Wholesale Tile

Company Overview

Founded in 1994, International Wholesale Tile has gained strength through inspired and continued growth and vision. Based in Palm City, Florida IWT has 23 sales reps servicing the areas of Florida and all points North to North Carolina, West to Louisiana and into Tennessee, encompassing the entire South East US.  The company has developed a distinct competitive advantage by delivering exceptional value, a diverse offering of products and unsurpassed customer service.

The Sales Portal Mobile App is specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets so it allows IWT’s sales reps to keep up with their client’s account and order status.  But it helps the executive and management team with quick views into the system as well.

“I was at dinner at a trade show when I received a call from a customer wanting to know why their order hadn’t shipped yet.  I was able to view the order in Sales Portal and quickly identify the issue.  I was able to satisfy my customer’s needs before our phone conversation ended.” –Tom Cosky, International Wholesale Tile

Gains and benefits

  • Simple, quick reference for customers, orders, quotes, inventory, and pricing

  • Easy to use intuitive interface that sales reps love

  • Increases efficiency by reducing the number of calls to the home office