TranSouth Logistics, LLC

Challenges: real time inventory accuracy, preventing errors, reliable reporting system for accuracy and productivity

Company Overview

Since 2003, TranSouth Logistics has specialized in trucking, deliveries and warehousing. Distribution centers and warehouses are strategically located near ports of call and major hubs in the Southeast. They efficiently and securely move Full Truck Loads (TL) and Less than Load (LTL) throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Their third party warehousing packages include 3PL for material handling, pick-pack operations, light assembly, product storage and consignment for both domestic and international suppliers.

Prior to implementing DNav-wms TranSouth Logistics experienced issues with inventory accuracy, shipping errors and warehouse management. Today, using DNav-wms they have reduced shipping errors, increased productivity and overall warehouse management.

Gains and benefits

  • 12% improvement in inventory/bin accuracy
  • Improved location/inventory selection
  • Inventory allocation improvements
  • Reduced shipping errors
  • Improved space utilization
  • Improved operator productivity