Abraham Linc earn customers’ trust with a warehouse management solution

Inventory counts!

When your customers place an order, they often don’t have time to wait for a product that is out of stock. They need it now. Having immediate access to product can impact whether or not they win a job and their reputation for reliability among their customers. Your customers need to be sure they’re placing their trust in the right business partner.

So it’s critical that customers can rely on Abraham Linc to maintain an inventory of the right quantity of the right products at the right time. Oh, and one other thing. At the right price to ensure a fair profit for both Abraham Linc and its customers.

That’s how you earn customers’ confidence.

Abraham Linc accomplishes this with the help of Dancik’s Integrated Warehouse Management System. It ensures that when customers’ orders are received, the product is available to pull and process for delivery — and in the most efficient way possible.

The difference maker

Headquartered in Bridgeport, W.Va., Abraham Linc distributes high-quality, great-value floor covering products throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including:

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Sheet Vinyl, LVT and Rubber
  • Cushion and underlayment
  • Accessories.

The company’s 91,000-square-foot Bridgeport facility includes 78,000 square feet of warehouse space and a 13,000-square-foot office. Locations in Baltimore and Waynesboro, Va., have warehouses of 35,000 square feet and 20,000 square feet with room to grow, respectively. Overall, they carry roughly 5,000 SKUs.

These three locations provide fast, efficient delivery to customers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, eastern Ohio and Kentucky, and southern New Jersey.

A long-time Dancik ERP system user, Abraham Linc implemented their IWMS about five years ago. The system paid for itself in less than two years.

“We invested significant resources to upgrade our warehouse and refine our delivery system,” said CFO Robert Marra II. “Having the ability to scan all of our products in and out — and know exactly where they are — is a tremendous benefit. We’re able to turn a greater volume of product with minimum workforce.”

Among the key tasks that the IWMS supports at Abraham Linc are:

  • Monitoring the real-time workflow and inventory at all three warehouses
  • Receiving
  • Picking
  • Staging and shipping accurately and efficiently
  • Inventory control and cycle counting by item, serial number or location
  • Automatic email notifications when adjustments are made
  • Productivity analysis of each warehouse employee
  • Barcode label generation
  • Location management

The system works in conjunction with the latest in Radio Frequency scanners and barcoding technology. When warehouse users log into an RF gun, they are assigned a work queue that indicates each product, in order, to be pulled, as well as the most efficient route to take when picking them. Managers can assign the most logical tasks for each employee.

“It’s a very intuitive system that incorporates our preferences and priorities with products’ age, weight and location to determine the route and how to stage the material in the most logical order,” noted Marra. “It really helps our warehouse staff improve their productivity and accuracy — factors our owner and management look at closely.”

The ability to gauge factors like that is one of the key features of the IWMS, according to Dancik Technical Sales Consultant Greg McClelland. “It provides management with a high level of metrics on each warehouse employee’s productivity and accuracy. The system logs everywhere they’ve been, what they’ve scanned and the time,” he said. “Users cannot override it. Just taking a minute of time off each route adds up. And equally as critical is accuracy in pulling the right product for each customer order. It can be a real incentive for a warehouse team if management chooses to tie those factors into performance bonuses or a higher pay scale.”

Using the Dancik IWMS, Abraham Linc has “had a huge impact in just a few years — not only on our bottom line but also our customer service,” Marra said.

Marra was complementary of the Dancik implementation and customer service team. “When we implemented IWMS, Dancik personnel came to our operations for about three days 2-3 days of in-house training,” he said. “In addition to group training sessions, each of our team had individual time with the Dancik trainers to ask questions, go over any concerns they had and give them confidence to use the system.

“While no one likes change, the IWMS was very well received by our staff,” Marra went on to say. “Some of our veteran employees were among those most excited about the new system. That was surprising to us, since we thought they would have the hardest time adapting to a new way of performing their tasks. We credit them, and the Dancik personnel, for handling the implementation so smoothly.”

Dancik Strategic Account Manager Steve Magann noted that with the purchase of an IWMS, customers receive three years of service. Following that period, there is a monthly fee for service. “All of our customer support is done in-house and is live,” Magann said. “Customers have direct phone numbers and emails for support — they don’t go through a switchboard. Account managers like me help escalate and track the response to customers’ service needs. It’s very much a family environment; our team knows our customers by name and provide personalized service when they need assistance.”

Marra added, “Our account manager is always available, and we deal with customer support personnel that we’ve known for years who quickly respond to our needs. Our service and support has been very good.”

“The link”

Formerly known as Preston Carpet Distributors, when Darren Abraham purchased the company in 1988 he changed its name to Abraham Linc to emphasize how seriously they take their role as the “link” between suppliers and customers.

Abraham is close to marking 30 years at the helm of the company, and according to Marra, many of the staff have been with the company for 10, 15 or 20 years — or longer. “That speaks to the culture of the company, which stems from the top down,” he said. “Our owner’s leadership style is one of the main reasons for the longevity of our staff. And having that type of environment translates into excellent customer service from everyone who touches our customers from the executive level through our drivers.

“Our goal is to enable our customers to satisfy their customers, which earns them — and us — repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Our customers’ success is our success. And that means we’re doing our job.”

International Wholesale Tile

Company Overview

Founded in 1994, International Wholesale Tile has gained strength through inspired and continued growth and vision. Based in Palm City, Florida IWT has 23 sales reps servicing the areas of Florida and all points North to North Carolina, West to Louisiana and into Tennessee, encompassing the entire South East US.  The company has developed a distinct competitive advantage by delivering exceptional value, a diverse offering of products and unsurpassed customer service.

The Sales Portal Mobile App is specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets so it allows IWT’s sales reps to keep up with their client’s account and order status.  But it helps the executive and management team with quick views into the system as well.

“I was at dinner at a trade show when I received a call from a customer wanting to know why their order hadn’t shipped yet.  I was able to view the order in Sales Portal and quickly identify the issue.  I was able to satisfy my customer’s needs before our phone conversation ended.” –Tom Cosky, International Wholesale Tile

Gains and benefits

  • Simple, quick reference for customers, orders, quotes, inventory, and pricing

  • Easy to use intuitive interface that sales reps love

  • Increases efficiency by reducing the number of calls to the home office

TranSouth Logistics, LLC

Challenges: real time inventory accuracy, preventing errors, reliable reporting system for accuracy and productivity

Company Overview

Since 2003, TranSouth Logistics has specialized in trucking, deliveries and warehousing. Distribution centers and warehouses are strategically located near ports of call and major hubs in the Southeast. They efficiently and securely move Full Truck Loads (TL) and Less than Load (LTL) throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Their third party warehousing packages include 3PL for material handling, pick-pack operations, light assembly, product storage and consignment for both domestic and international suppliers.

Prior to implementing DNav-wms TranSouth Logistics experienced issues with inventory accuracy, shipping errors and warehouse management. Today, using DNav-wms they have reduced shipping errors, increased productivity and overall warehouse management.

Gains and benefits

  • 12% improvement in inventory/bin accuracy
  • Improved location/inventory selection
  • Inventory allocation improvements
  • Reduced shipping errors
  • Improved space utilization
  • Improved operator productivity


“K8 is very solid, and in my view a ‘de facto standard’ for our industry. Our K8 system, which is hosted by Kerridge Commercial Systems*, is an integral part of our 24/7 operation,” Iain Paston, IT Manager, Primaflow.

Challenge: warehouse management/barcodes/handheld devices/stock forecasting/customer service/information

Primaflow, part of Mueller Industries, is a leading multi-branch distributor of plumbing and heating products. The Birmingham-based company, which has 8 branches across the UK, supplies plumbing and heating merchants, builders merchants, wholesalers and other professional trade distributors. Primaflow first installed K8 in 2006.

The company handles a significant volume of transactions. There are 14,000 stock lines, 5000 active customer accounts and together the branches handle around 1000 shipments per day. The warehouse is unquestionably the hub of the operation – both centrally and across the branches.  Primaflow were among the first to implement the K8 Warehouse Management application.

Gains and benefits


  • Complete and accurate visibility across the operation

  • Supports the delivery of a high standard of customer service

  • Easily managed inter-branch transfers help to optimize stock levels

  • Accurate stock levels – eliminate need for regular stock checks

  • EDI used for orders, advice notes and invoices – smooth and efficient

  • Access to function-specific KPI information – supports decision making and monitoring 

  • Forecasting tools –essential to manage long lead times from international suppliers

  • Opportunities to extend the system use and for more investment and business value


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies.

William Wilson

William Wilson

“Our integrated online trading system makes it easy and convenient for our customers to transact with us,” Michael Wilson, Commercial Director, William Wilson

Challenges: requirement for an integrated online trading platform

Established in 1900, William Wilson, part of Wolseley UK (parent company of Ferguson), is one of Scotland’s largest suppliers of plumbing, heating and bathroom products. Employing more than 250 staff and with 22 locations, the company serves local and regional plumbing and heating contractors, through to large national companies as well as private retail bathroom customers. William Wilson has been a Kerridge Commercial Systems* customer since 2000.

Reviewing the future shape of the business, William Wilson recognized the growing importance of internet-based facilities. Although not yet a critical requirement, there was a clear need to offer customers the opportunity to trade online as a convenient alternative to its well-established and growing branch operations. The company looked at a number of software products and chose the Kerridge Commercial Systems Web Builder as the platform for its ‘B2B’ trade customers. In addition to developing the William Wilson trade website to provide customer facilities, the project also required some additional programming work – undertaken by Kerridge Commercial Systems. Specifically:  to enable customers to buy from their chosen branch – there’s no central warehouse and also to handle the company’s appropriately comprehensive pricing and discounting structures.
In preparing Web Builder –with 15,000 line items to load prior to launch, William Wilson valued the applications’ ability to handle comprehensive product information. It meant that the company is now able to provide its well-informed customers with levels of detail at least equal to that offered by many manufacturers.

Gains and benefits

  • Easier for trade customers to transact

  • Real time stock detail

  • Orders can be placed for out of stock items

  • High quality content

  • Access to basic account information

  • Integration with back office systems

  • Extension of existing branch services

  • Focus on customer requirements

  • Future proofing the business


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies.

Rockett Plumbing and Heating Supplies Ltd


Rockett Plumbing and Heating Supplies Ltd

“What’s great about K8 is that it gives us, a small business, all the system functionality of a large multi-branch national organization without the overhead," Steve Rockett, Managing Director, Rockett Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Challenges: manual systems inadequate, business control, cash flow, pricing management

Rockett Plumbing and Heating Supplies opened for business in June 2012 and quickly established a reputation for offering an extensive range of products backed by trade knowledge. For managing director Steve Rockett, who has spent all his working life in the trade, being able to offer friendly, professional advice is an essential part of looking after his growing number of trade and retail customers.

By the time the doors opened, the decision had been made to install K8 and replace the temporary and inadequate manual systems. Understanding the need to respond quickly, Kerridge Commercial Systems* developed an implementation plan that would make a fast go live possible. The process was made somewhat easier because Rockett staff had some K8 experience. Three months after trading began, K8 was fully operational and making a difference to the business.

Gains and benefits

  • Fast access to information

  • Improved customer service

  • Traceability of transactions

  • Elimination of errors

  • Consistent pricing

  • Better cash flow

  • CAD integration capability

  • Ecommerce opportunities


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies.

Pimlico Plumbing and Heating Merchants

A new business thrives with K8 

South London-based, Pimlico Plumbing and Heating Merchants (PPHM) opened its doors in October 2014. Going live with K8 on its first day of trading, the system has proved to be an invaluable tool from the start.  Since opening, the business has grown substantially – exceeding initial expectations. PPHM now serves trade customers across London seven days a week. 

 Business origins

PPHM was established by plumbing entrepreneur, Charlie Mullins MBE, initially to provide Pimlico Plumbers with its own supplier of products and plumbing parts. However, with the company’s impressive track record of experience and expertise, it soon became clear that PPHM could also meet the needs of independent plumbers. A trade-only, highly responsive service, with extended opening hours to access stock, was a great business model to progress forward.

Choosing K8

Although PPHM considered other systems, the choice of K8 was based on recommendations and the fact that one of its staff, having previously used the system, helped in the decision process. The challenge for Kerridge Commercial Systems* and PPHM was that once the order was placed, system preparations and set-up had to be completed in record time. PPHM Director, Samm Mullins said, “There was a lot of pressure in getting the business ready – everything had to move quickly. I was very impressed by the hard work and flexibility of the KCS team. Having a live system within four weeks from start to finish, ready for opening, was quite an achievement.”  

Customer service is key

Now a seven days-a-week operation, PPHM serves its two customer channels; purchasing, stocking and supply for Pimlico Plumbers, together with looking after 160+ (and growing) independent plumbers and heating engineers located across London. “Our customers are usually very clear about what they want – they sometimes email us a photo if clarification is required for a specific item. With their time at a premium, they have come to expect us to be on the ball, offer any advice that’s required, then be ready to supply and deliver.”

Successful development

As a fast-growing business, one of the keys to success has been the company’s ability to service its customer base. As trading patterns have become established, PPHM has successfully used K8 to balance its stock levels. “Ensuring that we have the correct breadth and depth of stock is absolutely vital for our customers. If we can’t supply, someone else will.” Such has been the progress at PPHM that within six months of opening, a second floor was added to its premises. The company’s van and motorcycle delivery operation has also been ramped up to meet growing demand.

Benefits and value

K8 is working well for PPHM – from purchasing to stock control, sales order processing and financials. “We now use the system to generate automatic stock orders with manual adjustments as necessary. K8 also enables us to order as and when necessary to service our customers – placing orders with our suppliers once or twice a day is not unusual,” said Mullins. He went on to say that K8 is also a valuable asset to the business in managing credit control. The system makes it easy to set up new accounts enabling trading with a new customer to start with minimal delay. “In our business, we also have to keep a tight grip on our debt position and if a customer doesn’t pay us on time, we can be straight on to the situation and resolve things quickly. Across the business, if we spot anything that doesn’t look right, we can use the system to investigate the matter and move on with minimal effort.”

There’s no question that K8 has been key to how PPHM has developed since opening. The system is at the heart of how the business operates and services customers. “With its impressive functionality, the system is both highly capable and forgiving – an essential tool that we use throughout our working day. Quite simply, without K8 we wouldn’t have a business," said Mullins.


“Ensuring that we have the correct breadth and depth of stock is absolutely vital for our customers. If we can’t supply, someone else will,” Samm Mullins, Director, Pimlico Plumbing and Heating Merchants


  • System live for trading from day one

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • No need for specialized IT skills

  • Fully accessible product information

  • Enabling high quality customer service

  • Helping to build solid business reputation


  • Fully managed stock levels

  • Easy ordering and purchasing

  • Efficient transaction processing

  • Supporting business growth


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies.

Haldane Fisher

“Kerridge Commercial Systems* is a very professional organization. The experience of their consultants is not to be underestimated” Mary Hannaway, IT Manager

Challenges: business growth, multiple systems, international trading, lumber import and machining, credit control, management information, integrated accounting

Founded in 1946, family-owned Haldane Fisher Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers to the construction industry. Serving the trade and general public as well as operating a lumber business, with fifteen branches in Northern Ireland, England and the Isle of Man.

Prior to installing K8, Haldene Fisher had several disparate systems which needed replacing. The essential requirement was for an integral solution to control the business finances and provide improvements in management information capabilities. The company also needed a system which would enable international trading – notably for the company’s lumber import business. The Haldene Fisher K8 system has 200+ users.

Gains and benefits

  • K8 is easy and intuitive to use, for training, operators, to complete tasks quickly

  • Multiple open sessions – means quicker workflow – saves time 

  • Better customer service - transaction processing and resolving queries 

  • Electronic document management with online access – less search and access time

  • Operational and management reporting – for fast, informed decision making 

  • Gross margin controls - profitability monitoring at transaction level

  • Complete control of lumber machining and stock – complexities simplified by K8

  • Faster stocktaking – saves time and money, fewer issues, less operational impact

  • Cross branch stock visibility and trading processes easy and quick to process

  • Fast SL and PL reconciliations - complete control – timely attention to issues 

  • An excellent ROI – reduced working capital, lower interest charges

  • Future system developments and add-on opportunities

  • Business growth easily accommodated


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies. 

Nottage Joinery

“K8 has enabled us to become a much more professional company,” Steve Fry, Managing Director

Challenges: Required a modern, integrated stock control, purchasing, sales and accounting system

A long-established family-run business with over 50 years’ experience, Nottage Joinery has a wealth of knowledge of the lumber industry and the manufacture of high class, customized carpentry. Based in Bridgend, serving South Wales, the company’s customers include contractors, local authorities, trade and the general public.

Prior to implementing K8, Nottage Joinery reached the point where they had outgrown their systems. The controls, the level of integration and functionality required for a developing business were no longer adequate. Moreover, the software lacked the capabilities to handle the complexities of lumber purchasing, stock control and customer sale transactions.
The company chose K8 for several reasons: In addition to being able to partner with a systems supplier who understood the lumber trade, K8 also had the proven reputation through its use in the lumber sector. As a functionally-rich, integrated solution, K8 would enable Nottage Joinery to develop, improve customer services and enhance business management processes in every area. Having considered other systems, the company judged K8 as being the system that met their requirements, would deliver the best results and was ‘on budget’.

Going live in 2009, although there were a few challenges getting used to the system, Nottage Joinery staff put the work in with K8 and the company has moved on. The system has supported sales growth, helped to identify best performing products and enabled the company to maintain a competitive and professional edge. Overall, Nottage Joinery believes that K8 has helped them to become a better company.

Gains and benefits

  • More accurate counter transactions

  • Professional customer documentation

  • Ability for staff ‘to trade’ within set criteria

  • Easier purchasing of stock items

  • Non-stock purchasing functionality

  • Much reduced risks of errors and mistakes

  • Detailed customer history and traceability

  • Greater financial analysis

  • Better business management processes

  • Maintain competitive edge


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies. 

MKM Building Supplies

"K8 provides a highly stable platform which allows us to successfully transact business with virtually no downtime or operational difficulties." Edward Broderick, IT Manager

Challenges: Prior to implementing K8, MKM used a system that had come to the end of its life. The company needed to move to a modern, fully integrated and scalable system that would enable the business to expand and move forward. MKM sought to partner with a company that understood their sector and who they could engage with for focused product development.

Based in Hull, MKM Building Supplies is the UK’s largest independent builders’ merchants. Established in 1996, the company, which continues to grow, currently operates 40 branches across the UK, serving in excess of 25,000 customers annually.

David Kilburn, who founded the company, had previously used Kerridge Commercial Systems* products, and in 2006, when the need arose to replace MKM’s text-based system, K8 was shortlisted as a prime contender. The system was first configured to run 18 branches and now has around 500 users.

In addition to K8’s established reputation as a class- leading solution for the sector, one of the big advantages in moving to K8 was that MKM could have all the requisite functionality in a standard system without the need for tailored modifications. Furthermore, as a result of using a hosted platform in place of an in-house server, the MKM IT team have been able to take care of branch-level operator training as well as local application support. It has been an important factor in MKM’s development knowing that the system’s infrastructure is being well looked after 24/7.  

K8 has proved itself capable of supporting the company’s principles of delivering high quality customer service. It has meant that the ‘stake-holding’ branch managers can use the system to suit their local requirements, while at the same time maintaining central control. K8, which MKM’s technical team have fine-tuned in a number of key areas, has helped the company to grow so successfully in a short period of time.

Gains and benefits

  • Branch roll-out template

  • Recommended order facility

  • Excellent stock control tools

  • Supports customer service goals

  • Effective financial controls

  • Robust credit chase processes

  • Tailored workplace dashboards

  • K8 electronic forms and documentation

  • Scalable platform for future development


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies. 


“Have worked with Kerridge Commercial Systems* for many years and enjoy a strong working relationship” Jerry Norris, IT Director

Challenges: business growth, system progression

Lawson and Son Timber Merchant began trading in 1921. Over the years, the company has progressively developed its product range to match market needs and customer demands – loft conversion being one particular specialty. With more than 90 years of successful trading and growth, award winning Lawsons now operates thirteen branches in and around London – a number of which supply a full range of building materials in addition to lumber and fencing.

Following successful business growth, system reviews and an evaluation of other ERP solutions, the company chose to stay with Kerridge Commercial Systems and migrate from the well-established Revision 7 platform to K8. Confidence in the system and fully supported by the Kerridge Commercial Systems team, K8 was implemented at all branches in a ‘big bang’ approach. 


Gains and benefits

  • Easy to use, convenient solution

  • Inter-branch trading capacity

  • Accurate reporting and management information

  • Quick and efficient automated processes

  • Presents a more professional image to customers

  • Installation is straightforward, minimal user training


*Dancik International is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of Companies. 

Adleta Corp. DNav-online Success Story


Adleta is first and foremost in the business of providing our customers with exceptional service! While the implementation of Decor24 (DNav-online) provided our company with multiple opportunities for improvement with regards to internal processes, the decision to offer an E-Commerce solution was driven primarily by the fact that today's flooring retailers and contractors demand an online presence from their vendors.


Company Overview

Founded in 1922, Adleta has more than 90 years’ experience in distribution and over 40 years’ experience in flooring industry. They serve 2,500 customers throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. They have partnered with many world-class flooring manufactures to offer a wide variety of high-end flooring products. They are recognized as a leader in the industry by both suppliers and customers.

Prior to implementing DNav-online 2,500 customers over 500,000 square miles were calling into the main distribution center to check stock and pricing, place orders and check the status of orders.


Gains and benefits

  • corporate image has improved
  • customers and sales representatives have 24/7 access to inventory and pricing in real time
  • 12% of sales are now placed electronically
  • sales representatives and customers can now print their own price lists -  printed price lists are no longer mailed
  • increased profits due to decreased costs in processed orders
  • today more orders are processed than ever in the history of the company
  • achieved greater order accuracy
  • issuing fewer credits because of mis-keyed orders



Shnier – DNav-wms Customer Success Story

Company Overview

Founded in 1938, Shnier has grown to become a dominant force in the Canadian floor covering industry. The company is comprised of upwards of 250 associates, centered out of each of 5 distribution facilities stretching from Vancouver, BC to Dartmouth, NS.  They pride themselves in always being a step ahead - easy, innovative and more flexible at all touch points.  Their value add proposition is represented through their fashionable products, value add marketing programs and fast/efficient local service.  Their product sourcing has encompassed the globe, with over 100 supplier partners in each of 12 countries.  And Shnier’s customer relationships, both residential and commercial, are as deep as they are diverse. 

Prior to implementing DNav-wms, Shnier employed upwards of 60+ full time and temporary employees in its Hub facility located in Brampton (Toronto area), Ontario, Canada.  Following the implementation and utilization of all that DNav-wms had to offer, Shnier then reduced their head count by 25+ employees, while simultaneously growing the throughput volume.  Shnier also reduced its annual warehouse operating costs using DNav-wms directed workflows.  It specifically eliminated almost all shipping paperwork, pick tickets and receiving paperwork on the floor, as employees now handle almost all functions through their RF Scan units.  This functionality automatically created a productivity scorecard for each employee, allowing managers to deploy the necessary resources to the appropriate area of the warehouse, thereby capitalizing on each worker’s unique ability.

Due to Shnier’s mantra of change through the use of technology and consistent ongoing commitment to automation, Shnier in 2010 won the Brampton Business Achievement Award for Logistics.  Competition in this category included such 3rd party logistics organizations as DHL, Randstad, and Autobahn Freight Lines.  


Gains and benefits

  • Reduced variable labor costs
  • Reduced overhead fixed costs
  • Reduced transportation costs, due to a more efficient warehouse
  • Improved service to the customer in accuracy and order turnaround
  • Improved morale and working environment as all are held to the same standard
Professional Flooring Supply – Sales Portal Success Story

Challenges: cumbersome and slow operating system, too many basic calls to sales counter, sales representatives were not self-sufficient


Company Overview

Professional Flooring Supply is a family owned business with 2nd and 3rd generation management actively involved. Established in 1977 in Fort Worth Texas, they have 15 locations in 7 states proudly operated by well over 100 extended family members. Based in Fort Worth, Texas they serve commercial and residential floor covering dealers as well as the installation trade in TX, OK, AR, LA, CO, UT, and ID. 

The Sales Portal “App Based” environment provides territory managers an easy way to review their client’s business and stay up to date. They utilize iPads for a fast and easy way to view and manage their business with clients.

Professional Flooring Supply has been a Dancik customer for 18 years.


Gains and benefits

  • provides territory managers with simple, quick, easy to read analytics
  • more intuitive especially for an outside sales person
  • both customer and item specific information at our fingertips
  • Increases efficiency!