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Our innovative SmartWare solutions introduces ease of use, flexibility, power and control to your plumbing business. It is a software solution that has the capability to support the future plans of the company, while standardizing and consolidating information and data.

Accurate visibility for every department

With increased demands across the business it is essential for staff to have real time visibility. SmartWare Sales Analysis allows individuals and/or departments access to secure, centralized data at the precise level they need to perform their roles effectively. Sales, warehouse stock positions, purchase commitments and supplier positions: all of those can be requested when needed. Because access to the information is in real time, actions can be taken accordingly to make sure that your business is running at the forefront.


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Improved warehouse operations

In many ways warehouse operation is the hub of the business, both centrally and across the branches. Every process can be managed using wireless hand held devices and every stock movement is captured instantly for audit and integrated with other system modules.

Offering your customers choice

We understand that plumbing, heating, septic and drain cleaning businesses service a variety of clients that include the commercial, residential and industrial sections. Using SmartWare solutions enables plumbers’ merchants to offer their customers wide choice in trading process – orders can be placed by phone, fax, email or via the web interface. Your business can record every piece of customer information, contact details, order history to tailor their buying experience at any stage of customer journey. With this in mind, SmartWare opens up opportunities to review and improve service, deliver customized campaigns and personalized incentives, if required.

We are more than just software. In addition to a broad portfolio of support services we offer an extensive foundation of industry expertise and knowledge covering product development, installation and consultancy.


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